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2017 Live Dates

Sat 11th March, Nice n Sleazy, Glasgow 2pm
Fri 24th March, Hope & Anchor, London 2pm
Sat 8th April:-Star & Garter, Manchester
Sat 6th May:-Bar Metro, Bolton
Sat 20th May, Dreadnought Rock, Bathgate
Sat 3rd June:- Whittles, Oldham
Sat 24th June:-Trades live, Rotherham
Fri 11th August:-Tropic, Ruislip
Sat 12th August:-Worcester Festival, Huntingdon hall
Sat 26th August:-Yardbirds, Grimsby
Sat 9th September:-Nice n Sleazy, Glasgow
Sun 10th September:-Magnesia Bank, North Shields (Afternoon gig)
Sat 23rd September:-Bar Metro, Bolton
Sat 7th October:-New Arches, Coventry
Sat 21st October:-The Horn, St Albans
Sat 11thNovember:-Dreadnought, Bathgate
Thur 16th November:- The Horns, Watford
Fri 17th November:-The Vic, Swindon
Sat 18th November:-The Continental, Preston
Sat 2nd December:-Hope & Anchor, London
Sat 16th December:-The Musician, Leicester

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Latest News

Now for something completely different, Phil Harvey & Shaggy from Straighten out will be appearing acousticly at the Bulls head, piccadilly in Manchester (pre Stranglers gig) on the Saturday 1st April from 5pm till 6pm. This will be a performance for every one to join in with, so it will be a Stranglers karaoke so make sure you have got your singing voices and best of all its all FREEEEEEEE

Straighten out can now confirm the following dates for 2017. Further will be added as they come in. The band would also like to wish everyone a happy 2017 & look forward to seeing you at the gigs.

It's that time of year again where the Stranglers gigs are announced so it's time for Straighten out to do there annual pre-stranglers gigs. Next year it will be Nice n Sleazys on Saturday 11th March and the Hope & Anchor on Friday 24th March. Both gigs will be £8 pay on the door and doors will open at 1pm with the band on stage at 2pm till 4pm.

Straighten out are pleased to now be working with Mark Benson of Live & Unplugged Artist Agency. Any enquiries about booking the band click here






STRAIGHTEN OUT are the premier Stranglers tribute band out there...with an extensive set-list that spans two solid hours as they re-create the 'early years' sound of The Stranglers, complete with a keyboard rig that is the same model as the original used by Mr. Greenfield himself in the 1970's...!

The growling bass sound and the quirky guitar riffs are all there to be heard as is the dual vocal 'attack' from the two frontmen a la Burnel-Cornwell as they rip through all the classics: 'Peaches', 'Hanging Around', 'No More Heroes', '5 Minutes', 'The Raven', 'Walk On By', 'Straighten Out', 'Down In The Sewer' and many more as they cover virtually the whole of the first three Stranglers' albums and beyond...Straighten Out - live and unleashed - will take you on a nostalgia trip that transports you back to those raw, powerful, exhilarating times when The Stranglers emerged through the quagmire of mediocrity to produce some of the finest tunes ever written...Straighten Out will put you back in that place...!

Bassist Shaggy and keyboard player Mick ('The Doc') were together in previous Stranglers tribute band 'Four More Heroes' and it was only natural that these two continued on after their demise to form 'Straighten Out' given their love of Stranglers music and the desire to keep playing live ...they set the platform with the growling bass and swirling keyboard sound so essential to reproducing the authentic Stranglers sound and they are joined by the powerhouse Casey on drums and Phil steps up to give you the 'Hugh' element to complete the fearsome foursome...Straighten Out are a 'must see' tribute band who'll leave an indelible impression in your head...

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